Advanced Subnet Counter

ASC is a program for measuring traffic for payment internet connections. The program has evolved into a semi-general traffic measuring program with multiuser support. It is a small utility to be run on the gateway-machine for a shared internet-connection [more info].

Currently I'm the only active programmer on the actual project. I have a small group of testers whom I inform of new versions via mail. If you want to be a tester, join the announcement mailing list to recieve notifications of new versions.

Version information:

Features include:

  • Automatic addition of new users
  • Persistent storage of data in XML-files
  • Support for multiple address-ranges: LAN, payment/non-payment, online/non-online
  • Supports individual pricing for every single user based on traffic or online time
  • Addons for usage viewing in browser
  • Minimize to tray to avoid taskbar clutter
  • Easy installation
Planned features: (by priority)
  • Windows 2000/NT support, multiple instance support
  • Accounting functionality with support for users paying part of their debt
  • Event scheduler for closing of bills, etc. at specified times
  • Client program for individual setup and detailed information for users
  • Autoconnect on traffic from registered users, disconnect when idle if wanted
  • Keep internetconnection alive using ping of a specified host
  • Brew coffee
You can follow the progress of each of these features on the Task manager.

Main programmer: Laust Rud Jensen.

Latest news:
Development halted for now
    gunst - 2002-06-13 10:32   -   Advanced Subnet Counter
Since I now have an internet connection with flatrate, development has stopped. If anyone wants to take over, please mail me at

It has been fun, but I think it is time to find a new spare-time project.
Found new sniffer
    gunst - 2002-01-04 03:31   -   Advanced Subnet Counter
Another SourceForge project, is a project that would be a perfect backend for ASC. Then ASC would be able to run on multiple platforms and much more modular. Currently the sniffer project doesn't support the windows platform, but I'm monitoring progress closely.

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Last updated: 20/Jan/2002